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As the CEO of RBS, Brenda Reeves has established herself as one of Michigan's leading businesswomen.  She began her mission in business support 15 years ago and has experienced astounding growth in her business endeavors through Reeves Business Solutions.  Although she is a businesswoman, she is also sincerely passionate about helping others develop their businesses by utilizing her extensive resources in the business world.  Ms. Reeves has been successful in spreading her education and business savvy to encourage and motivate many budding entrepreneurs to take a chance at business and "step outside the box". Her approach in assisting both, new business owners and established business owners is one that seeks to build strong business relationships that will last and ultimately increase the prosperity of all. Ms. Reeves has also been co-owner of B & D Novelty group, a branding/promotional item company also based in Michigan, for the past 10 years. She encompasses an astounding ability to effectively spearhead a host of projects simultaneously, which is the core basis of her constant achievements.